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Central Tech School Art Center is always looking for people to join us in our journey to promote and show our support to local artists inside and outside Canada.

As a way to thank both readers, followers, and students, we have started a subscription program for people to connect directly with us and be informed at every step of the way. In order to do so, Central Tech School Art Center invites everyone to subscribe to our weekly newsletter, in which they’ll find a summary of everything we do during the week.

From virtual to in-person art classes, art exhibits, art contests for both beginners and experienced artists, interview with renowned personalities in the business, and more, we have it here. To subscribe, simply:

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By simply following these simple steps, you’ll get countless rewards, including:

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Subscriptions to Central Tech School Art Center are completely free, as we just want to build a community filled with people who truly love art and supports local artists in Canada. With your support, our online magazine can reach more people inside and outside the country and attract new sponsors and advertisers who will help the art center continue growing.

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