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Heather B Grim is a writer and artist. She was born in Toronto, Canada on January 1, 1981, and she grew up surrounded by all types of watercolors. Her parents Marie and Parker Grim were well-known artists in her hometown.

Although she came from a humble family, her parents gave her everything that they could so she could live a happy childhood. Heather says that she inherited her passion for painting thanks to her parents, saying “I don’t have a memory in which my parents aren’t painting. Since I was a newborn, they have done it. In fact, my first gift was a portrait made by them and to this day I keep it on the bedside table.”

Over the years, she worked hard to pay for her university studies and put her passion for painting aside for a bit. Upon entering university, she decided to study literature, as it was another of her passions.

However, in her spare time she took art classes and thus remembered her love of painting. After 4 years of hard effort and work, she obtained her university degree and right there, her greatest dream began to emerge, to write her own magazine devoted to art.

That’s how Central Tech School Art Center began.